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What is LIGHT OF ARCHE? E=MC2 (Energy = Mass x the speed of light squared)

Using Einstein’s equation, which states that matter can be converted into energy, we can express the ratios of the various elements that compose the universe as follows.

• Stars, gases, and all the physical matter (atoms) of the universe comprise 4%
• So-called “dark matter” comprises 23%...which includes the formerly unidentified neutrinos and Higgs boson
• Dark energy, whose nature we have yet to understand, comprises 73%

This means that a mere 4% of our universe is currently knowable.
73%—the overwhelming majority—is composed of a mysterious force called “dark energy” that does not lose density despite the rapid expansion of the universe.
From “What is the Universe Made of?” (Murayama Hitoshi, Head of the Tokyo University Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe)

LOA stands for LIGHT OF ARCHE. In Greek, Arche means “origin,” “beginning,” or the ultimate “underlying substance of the world.” It also refers to water, the wellspring of life. Thus LIGHT OF ARCHE means “Light from the source – energy.”

LOA products gently take in that universal light and energy found in all things, responding both directly and indirectly to the various elements in the natural world. LOA is designed as a tool to improve the individual and environment, letting us live in tune with nature and achieve a society based on love, harmony, and respect.

Overview of LIGHT OF ARCHE

We believe that LOA was born in response to the demands of the current era. This is maybe the era which the earth and humanity have been waiting for. If LOA was to be described in one phrase it would be:

Technology which fuses material science and the science of the mind.

This leading edge technology effectively resuscitates and helps today's suffering global environment and the stimulation of human nature (activation of functions). Already many confirmed phenomena, results, and cases have universally shown that LOA works and is of great use.

I. When fossil fuels (gasoline, diesel, kerosene, fuel oil, gas, etc) are burned, as they approach complete combustion, they release harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC), nitrogen oxide (Nox), and black smoke (PM). Depending on the driving conditions, fuel economy is improved and the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions is relatively reduced. Reductions in greenhouse gas (CO2) help prevent global warming.

LOAII. Plant growth becomes active, and roots, stems, and leaves all grow firmly and thickly. (carbon offset)
Then all foods, such as fruits, grains, vegetables, and processed food become delicious. It has also been found that they retain freshness after harvesting and processing for longer when placed under an LOA environment. LOA is a technology in the agricultural field which comes from cropping land. It works actively on the stance that the revitalization of agriculture = global environmental conservation.

LOAIII. Water refreshes vitality, and is changed into gentle water which is sweet and delicious. We think that when working or bathing that this water gives a slick, smooth, mild feeling.
Things that come into contact with this water see their power and life force start to become exerted. 【Example of improved productivity】LOA was installed on the tap water at a mushroom cultivation plant in Maebashi, Gunma Prefecture. The mushrooms' growth increased rapidly and led to an increase in productivity of about 20% within six months.

LOAIV. Under the LOA environment there is no longer a discharge of static electricity. A number of industrial research institutes have tried to measure this charge and discharge, however at present this is a difficult thing to accomplish.(This is because it is difficult to artificially create static electricity and measure and compare it to the discharge).
【Results of privately measured electrostatic voltage】A non-contact electrostatic voltmeter (made in USA) was purchased and used to measure the electrostatic voltage. While it charged normally, after charging there was a gradual drop in voltage (1. 2. 3. ...), which didn't change even when brought closer to a conductor (aluminum foil).

LOAV. ETCs such as cell phones and satellite navigation systems cause great discomfort to those who suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity. This unpleasantness means that such people are unable to use these conveniences of civilization. However, it was found that they had no problem, except for an initial brief moment of discomfort, when using cell phones and satellite navigation systems fitted with LOA. A public industrial research institute was asked to measure the strength and waveform of the electromagnet wave. The institute found that the sound pressure had become lower, and that the waveforms were gently, and similar to the waveforms of natural electromagnetic waves. This means that their level of noise has been reduced. It does not emit, pick up, or receive, noise. It thus seems that it dramatically lowers the impact on people and even makes it disappear. This also seems to be connected with the improved image and sound quality of electronics.

From the phenomena and results it can be assumed or inferred that by using LOA, substances, such as humans, animal, plants, micro-organisms, air, water, soil, electricity, fossil fuels, and chemicals, can be balanced and harmonized (moderated). Through this a representation of each substance's meaning of life and species can be depicted (function activation).

That is to say, returning back to its original form, its function and results keep on improving. It also means that it is headed in the direction of peace, safety, and stability.

It is believed that the essential cause of the damage caused by things that easily decay and rust, that emit toxic substances, that easily make people and animals sick, and cause mental instability, are instabilities and disbalances (disharmony) such as bias, distortion, and stagnation.
It is thought that from now on the keywords for the solving of social problems, as well as those of human health and natural environment, will be "moderation" and "balance".

While there is some overlapping content with initial LOA effects, LOA is currently being used in many fields, such as the following.

Customers’ comments

  • Static electricity (sparks) are no longer generated.
  • The sound and video quality on cell phones have become clearer. It also has less of an impact (discomfort, hypersensitivity) on the body.
  • It preserves the freshness of refrigerated items such as fruits, vegetables, and processed food for a longer time, and suppresses frost.
  • Even when cooking with an IH stove or microwave oven, the foods texture and taste does not deteriorate.
  • I have less fatigue, blurred vision, and stiff shoulders, even if I use a computer for long periods.
  • Exhausts from cars, boilers, and stoves no longer smell, and fuel economy has been improved.
  • Even if I drive for long periods I barely feel tired. (The difference was especially felt when driving hybrid vehicles).
  • My blood circulation has improved and my blood pressure has returned to normal.
  • Plant growth has been accelerated. Damage by continuous cropping has been suppressed, and both product rate and productivity have been improved. Each year brings a delicious crop.
  • Things decompose and ferment in a short period of time, and leads to high quality compost. (Based on balancing nature through the suppression of pathogenic microorganisms and the activation of useful microorganisms).
  • Has often been seen to be effective in promoting fermentation and ripening.
  • It has a deodorizing effect.
  • Other effects include the reduction or elimination of side effects caused by medication.

【Diffrence in sound pressure and shape of the wave of the mobile phone, and user voice】

【The black exhaust (PM) of diesel automobiles and changes in nitrogen oxide (Nox)】


In what fields can LOA technology be applied?

  • Prevents noise in electrical goods by solving electromagnetic problems and preventing static electricity (such as semiconductors and electronics in the electronics industry, the printing industry, the textile industry, the petroleum industry, the manufacturing industry such as for plastic molding and processing, the medical industry, and in retail)
  • Reduces emissions of greenhouse and toxic gases in automobiles and boilers, and improves combustion efficiency (gives cost savings and reduces CO2)
  • Can be used as preventive medicine and treatment by promoting blood flow (reduces medical expenses, maintains and improves national power)
  • Regeneration of natural organic farming, and the promotion of healthy crop growth (agriculture and global environmental conservation which does not have any minuses or poisons even if chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used)
  • Shifting to organic, chemical-free fertilizer farming
    (By creating robust soil, we can create healthy produce. Healthy produce doesn’t easily become diseased, and has reduced damage from harmful insects. Accordingly, we can make robust produce that does not rely on medicine (agrichemicals, chemical fertilizer). As a result, we can safely farm without strain on the health of farmers from agrichemicals. In addition, we can supply consumers with delicious, nutritious, and safe produce.)
  • Activates useful bacteria and suppresses pathogenic bacteria (agricultural and livestock industry, medical industry, etc)
  • Suppresses decay and promotes fermentation (for maintaining the freshness of food, making compost, etc)
  • Accelerating effect on ripening (such as for alcoholic beverages, miso, soy sauce, yogurt, and cheese in the food processing industry, and other industries)
  • Improves the environment by preventing oxidation and decay, the cause of many kind of odor (for smoke, humidity, sweat, chemical reactions, etc.)
  • Other industries such as the education industry, nursing industry, medical industry, and construction industry.

The development concept of LOA products is the protection of the global environment, and the activation of the body and mind

Water and electricity (passing through environmental energy) mediated by LOA products (light, electromagnetic waves), air, gasoline, or light oil and fossil fuels such as crude oil, all show a huge difference when being used as materials and energy. Furthermore, in terms of environment, atmosphere and content, these substances are all good for (in harmony with) the natural environment after they have been used. LOA has positioned itself as "all-purpose advanced technology which does not cause any negatives".

A testament to this is all those who have used LOA and found an improvement in or results for an endless number of mysterious phenomena. If the contents of these are looked at carefully, it seems that the feature of the radiant energy emitted from the LOA is similar in nature and effect to the black body.Since LOA is clearly not a black body, we have named this source of power (LOA) "Kankyo-energy".

It can also verify the reproducibility of mysterious phenomena, and the results can be said to be scientific if one stops to look at the differences as data. We asked the Kanagawa Prefectural Industrial Technology Center to measure "infrared radiation (radiant energy)".

It was found that the LOA emitted a unique infrared ray (radiant energy that is similar to black body radiation) which cannot be seen in the same temperature range. This is regardless of that fact that LOA is not a black body.

In fact it was discovered that under an environment with this kind of radiant energy, life forms such as humans, animals, plants, and microorganisms return to their representative level in terms of healthy living, healthy growth, and healthy species. Regardless of if they were tangible and intangible, they were found to become moderate and in harmony. This moderate place, the activated power source, and energy, is LOA (Kankyo-energy).

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